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Label for Norfolk Coffee tasting pack of 5 different coffees.

NORFOLK COFFEE is situated in a 500 year old barn on Salle Moor Hall Farm in Salle, near Reepham, Norwich.

Much of the land on which the farm is now situated, was once owned by the Boleyn family. They then lived in a Manor House (now Blickling Hall) at Blickling near Aylsham, and used their land at Salle for hunting.
Whilst we don’t claim to change the world with our business we are dedicated to doing our best for the environment and ensuring coffee farmers are paid a good price for their produce.
We use totally compostable coffee bags, deliver wholesale coffee in our electric van. We ethically source the best beans possible…ensuring there is complete traceability back to the farmer and even the field in which the beans were grown.

Come and enjoy a coffee at our roastery.

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