Bag containing Rebellion coffee

Smallholder Farmers

Rebellion is a single origin coffee produced by smallholder farmers in the Cauca region of Colombia. It is our darkest roasted coffee, principally roasted for espresso but works equally well as a filter. The beans have been carefully selected by the Cooperative, Caficauca. The coffee is fully wash processed with a fermentation time ranging from 16-19 hours. The beans then go into parabolic solar dryers that take an average time of 10 days to dry the coffee until the target moisture is achieved. 
The coffee comes from Piendamó, Cajibio and Morales, which is commonly known as the Tabletop of Cauca. These towns provide an excellent elevation for coffee of 1,800-2,050 masl, with very fertile land and a strong coffee economy. However, this strong coffee economy has come at a big expense. The region has a long history of armed conflict that started in the 1970s. Most land owners were forced to plant illicit crops. Coffee has been a parallel economy that has constantly been at odds with the illicit crops.
All of our coffee is packed in natural kraft compostable bags which are made with certified materials meeting the EU standard EU13432.



Smallholder Farmers



Roasters Notes: Rebellion is our brand new single origin espresso coffee. Produced on the Los Naranjos farm in El Salvador we roast these beans a bit lighter than our other espresso coffees. We love the silky mouthfeel and get nutty toffee and ripe plum in the cup with a brown sugar bouquet.


Smallholder Farmers




1,800 2,050 MASL



Roast Level

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