Eli Espinoza coffee bag

Eli Espinoza

Eli Espinoza at his farm

Eli Espinoza owns 4 hectares of land spread across the village of Las Pirias in Chirinos, Peru. His farms sit between 1,800 and 2,000 meters above sea level. Some of the parcels of land are planted with Typica coffee trees, others with Caturra and Bourbon varieties (only a small section has Geishas).

Eli processes all his coffee at his house, located at 1,800 masl. He came to the area as a young man looking for farm work and started out picking coffee in the village. Eventually he was able to purchase his own land and house and started to produce his own coffee. For this Geisha lot, the coffee cherries were washed and floated before undergoing skin drying under shade for 24 hours. The cherries were then moved to a solar drying tent for 45 days of controlled drying.

All of our coffee is packed in natural kraft compostable bags which are made with certified materials meeting the EU standard EU13432.

Eli Espinoza


Eli Espinoza

Honey | Mandarin | Red Fruits | Sweet


Roasters Notes: Part of our specially selected Producer range, this is a lovely, light and tasty coffee. Great mouthfeel. We roasted these Geisha beans relatively light, keeping the air temperature lower than usual, and are extremely pleased with the result. Fruity but sweet and not too acidic. Great as a black coffee but we also love it with a splash of milk or cream.


Eli Espinoza




1,800-2,000 MASL



Roast Level

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