Tombland coffee bag

Sebastiao Eloi Miranda & Sigfredo Corado

Tombland is our new espresso blend. It is a blend of beans from two high high quality single estates in Brazil and El Salvador.

BRAZIL – Sebastiao Eloi Miranda lives at his small farm Sitio Gamelao with wife Tereza. His parents moved from Sao Paulo to Minas Gerais when he was only 2 and since then, coffee has been part of his family routine. He started working as picker for other farms. At the age of 25 Mr. Miranda bought his first piece of land and planted 1 hectare of coffee.

“Things were quite different few years ago. We used to mix all of our microlots because buyers didn’t care about higher quality. Quantity was the most important thing”, says Sebastiao. Today, Sebastiao produces 500 bags of Specialty Coffee annually, mainly Yellow Catuai; Sun dried on a cemented patio and a few bags on raised beds. “We are happy to hear that consumers all over the world are enjoying our coffee. Better prices give us motivation to focus on quality”.   EL SALVADOR – Finca Los Angeles is a beautiful 23 manzana planted with only Pacamara farm situated in the Ahuachapán mountain range in the west of El Salvador. This farm is part of the Los Naranjos group headed by Sigfredo Corado a retired professor of Agronomy from the National School of Agriculture. The farm is part of the Renacer Program (Reborn in Spanish) which is a technical coffee field school and educational program for producers in the area to learn about better farm management practices. This program is funded by Raices (Roots) and supported by Catholic Relief Services in El Salvador.

This farm is planted only with pacamara and has been under Sigfredo for 10 years. Since he took on the farm they have used no herbicides to help replenish the soil and nutrients to give a good base for growing coffee once again. The farm is broken into 23 Manzanas with approximately 3000 trees in each section. The farm is beautifully divided with shade trees and wind barriers to protect the trees. It is managed on a day to day basis by some of the graduates from the technical school as well.

The coffee is selectively harvested and from here it is then taken to the wet mill and drying beds at Beneficio San Rafael, located between the two hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila at 1450 masl.

Here the Pacamara is washed and floated, after that the cherry gets laid out on drying beds for between 22 – 25 days where it is moved every hour until ready.

All of our coffee is packed in natural kraft compostable bags which are made with certified materials meeting the EU standard EU13432.


Brazil & El Salvador

Sebastiao Eloi Miranda & Sigfredo Corado

Fig | Plum | Almond | Dark Chocolate


Roasters Notes: Our new espresso blend is a combination of beans from two high quality single estates to give a lovely rich, flavoursome coffee.


Sebastiao Eloi Miranda & Sigfredo Corado


Catuai, Mundo Novo & Pacamara


1,250 to 1,350 MASL



Roast Level

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