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Mythos MYG75

The new Mythos MYG75 Coffee Grinder

Mythos was born to define absolute control and precision in coffee grinding. Reborn today, the Mythos MYG75 further advances its user experience by bringing evolution to its function and design. Coffee grinding perfection achieved…again!

The new touchscreen display is even more user-friendly. Baristas can easily change settings, read all the information needed and maintain total control of the grinder. Mythos further improves its clump crusher and outlet spout, by simplifying and reinforcing it to guarantee perfect flow of ground coffee in the filter. The new filter holder hook design sends ground coffee into the filter thus minimising waste.

Victoria Arduino were the first to install two fans instead of one, and again the first to mount them both on the back. This provides for ideal airflow inside of the grind chamber. Counter space is a premium for cafes. If you need to use several grinders at the same time for different needs, now each grinder can be set side by side.

Mythos native and patented technology that meets the needs of the modern coffee professionals: maximum consistency, zero waste and ease of maintenance.

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