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We roast coffee in a 500 year old barn on a farm in Salle

We supply our wholesale coffee for offices and businesses. We can also provide equipment with which you can make the coffee and make your day at work more enjoyable!

  • Great choice of speciality coffee
  • We can deliver to you promptly
  • We can offer many options for you
  • Drink great coffee at work
  • Impress your clients with fresh speciality coffee



Our coffee is perfect for either a bean to cup machine or a traditional espresso machine. We can offer you three different espresso blends which will taste delicious just as an espresso or with milk, Holkham Bay, Marsh Harrier or Big Sky Blend.



We also offer single origin coffee (beans from one particular farm in a single country). Our Bela Época from Brazil is a particular favourite amongst our customers at present, as is the Guatemalan Finca Santa Sofia which gives notes of berries, and smells and tastes amazing.

Our single origin coffee change on a regular basis to reflect the coffee harvests throughout the coffee growing world so there is sure to be something to wet your taste buds.

So however you prefer to make your filter coffee at work let us show you what we can offer.