Hot Coffee Latte



We supply wholesale coffee for restaurants, hotels and bars, along with reliable equipment at competitive prices.


Unfortunately many restaurants and hotels offer poor coffee. This can either be due to the roaster using poor quality coffee beans or the coffee has been poorly roasted. Or it could simply be a lack of staff training; staff have not been properly trained how to make a great cup of coffee. Customers and guests now expect better quality coffee at the end of their meal, with their morning breakfast or as they sit in the bar reading the newspaper.

We can offer three different espresso blends which taste delicious as an espresso, as a long black or Americano or with milk.

We also offer a selection of single origin coffees which are perfect for a smooth, easy drinking filter coffee. Ideal when served to customers as a cafetiere. Our current Bela Época from Brazil gives a lovely nutty flavour followed by the lingering notes of brown sugar. It will certainly give your guests something to remember you by.

We can offer you free delivery on all order over £50 so you don’t have to spend a fortune or hold lots of stock. You will though have a fresh and unique coffee to offer your customers and guests. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss our wholesale coffee selection.


Coffee equipment for hotels, restaurants & bars

If you are looking to produce high quality coffee you may want to consider a new espresso machine. We have worked with the highly respected Victoria Arduino machines for many years now and can supply these extremely reliable machines and grinders at a great price. Contact us for advice on which Victoria Arduino machine would be suitable for your business.


Hotel breakfasts

To allow your hotel to provide delicious coffee in large amounts during a short period of time we can supply speciality batch brewing equipment. This is a simple way to offer high quality filter coffee in large volumes. Ideal for your breakfasting guests.



We provide free barista training for all of our wholesale customers. This way you can ensure all of your staff know how to make and prepare the best coffee possible for your customers and guests.

Machine, grinder & coffee packages available - buy or lease.