Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit 3 Group

Having used the Victoria Arduino White Eagle in our coffee shop for many years we can vouch wholeheartedly for it’s reliability and it’s ability to produce great coffee consistently for 12 hours a day and 7 days a week.
The appearance of the VA358 White Eagle is totally unique and is ready to respond to your every need. Built out of a desire to offer an efficient, reliable and consistent espresso machine, the White Eagle can also be fully customisable to showcase your own personality.
Need help steaming milk? You can install the Easycream system to help consistency of foam and temperature. Tall take away cups? No problem, choose to have your groups heads in the raised position to accommodate any size vessel. Don’t like stainless steel? Choose from black or white panels as standard or supply your favourite RAL colour for a personalised effect.
Lease for only: £40.80 per week


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