Eagle One 2 Group

Eagle One was born in a response to the new generation of coffee shops, where design, performance and sustainability are the determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience.

Introducing the newly developed NEO engine, which using instant heating and unique insulation to decrease its energy consumption, while only heating the necessary amount of water for extraction. This new technology, combined with the patented TERS system (Temperature Energy Recovery System), which uses waste water to preheat incoming water, gives a 23% lower environmental impact compared to machines in the same category of the Life Cycle Assessment.

Design and innovation have fused together, resulting in an extremely compact machine which has a beautiful minimal aesthetic, is simple to use, and guarantees high performance and energy efficiency.


  • Standard Colours: White | Steel | Matte Black
  • RAL colours available on request at £430.00 plus VAT
  • Easy Cream Wand at £540.00 plus VAT 
  • Back Panel in Wood or Rock Grey at £280.00 plus VAT


Lease for only: £41.85 per week


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