Black Eagle Maverick 2 Group

Black Eagle Maverick 3 Group

Perhaps the most startling innovation is that it allows the barista to switch from espresso to Pure Brew coffee at the touch of a button. That’s genius, but only scratching the surface. Putting it another way, if the Black Eagle VA388 changed the way Barista’s work, the Black Eagle Maverick changes the way they think.


VA are proud to introduce the brand new PureBrew Coffee Filter, developed in conjunction with their revolutionary conical, basket with a micro-thin double mesh that can contain up to 20 grams of coffee. By combining our PureBrew Technology with VA’s brand new, patented filter basket, you can create a new filter coffee at the touch of a button.


PureBrew technology is a revolutionary, threephase, extraction method that uses pulsating frequencies of water pressure to release the purest flavour from your coffee bean according to its freshness, region and type.

Discover new flavours of your espresso with PureBrew Technology or apply PureBrew as low-pressure extraction to create a new, unique coffee extraction.

The Maverick is available as a Volumetric or Gravimetric machine. Gravimetric technology provides the barista with higher levels of consistency and control over the coffee brew by allowing them to read the weight of coffee in the cup from the Group display. And for maximum precision, you can now stop the extraction at the desired weight.


  • Standard Colours – White | Steelux | Matte Black
  • Easy Cream Wand at £540.00 plus VAT
  • RAL Colour at £430.00 plus VAT or Blue Stone at £530.00
Lease for only: £70.00 plus VAT per week

Purchase from £15,500 plus VAT


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