We roast coffee in a 500 year old barn on a farm in Salle

We supply our coffee to lots of coffee shops all over the UK; mostly small independents but also some larger operations. We also work with restaurants, delis, hotels and garden centres. We pride ourselves in providing an efficient and friendly service to all of our lovely customers.

We want to help you provide delicious coffee to your customers  and make it as simple as possible for you to do so. We focus on providing you with the best wholesale coffee at all times.



We have worked on many makes of coffee machinery over the years and we obviously have our favourites. Our absolute favourite is Victoria Arduino. Not only do their machines and grinders make great coffee, they are reliable and consistent. Hugely important when you are making lots of coffee every day.

As one of the main UK agents for Victoria Arduino and Nueva Simonelli we can offer great prices which should suit any budget.



We have our own coffee shop in Holt, north Norfolk so we know what it takes to run a busy shop seven days a week. We can help you with training and support, and any other questions you may have. We are just a phone call or email away at any time, even if you just need some advice.

We believe our Victoria Arduino and Nueva Simonelli espresso machines and grinders are the best available. They are real workhorses, reliably delivering great coffee consistently throughout even the busiest of days. However, we have a network of engineers who are able to assist in the event of a problem. We want to make your life as a busy coffee shop as easy and simple as possible.



As a wholesale customer we supply you with free ongoing training. So if you have a new member of staff we are more than happy to train them so they are confident using your machinery and improve their coffee knowledge.



We roast our ethically sourced speciality coffee beans here in north Norfolk. As we have our own very busy coffee shop, The Black Apollo Coffee House, we are able to see first hand that customers love our coffee.

  • 3 high quality espresso coffee blends
  • at least 4 single origin coffees for filter
  • delicious CO2 process decaf coffee
  • at least one organic coffee always available



Please contact us if you are interested in having your own label on our products. This is a free service and we would be pleased to discuss your requirements.



It is easy to order from us:

  1. We can call you each week to see if you need anything.
  2. You can set up a standing order so you know you will receive your coffee on the same day each week or month.
  3. You can call us and let us know what you would like each week.



  • Wide range of delicious coffee
  • Ethically sourced coffee
  • Freshly roasted speciality coffee delivered on time all over the UK
  • Passionate about coffee
  • Suppliers of high quality equipment with great back up
  • FREE barista training