White Nile Washed Organic Coffee – Coming soon!

White Nile Washed Organic Coffee – Coming soon!

We are pleased to say that we have a few bags of White Nile washed organic beans in the roastery and these will be available soon. This was one of our most popular coffee last year so when some became available from this year’s harvest we couldn’t wait for them to arrive.

Our first cupping gave us hazelnut and grapefruit notes. We will be doing a cupping of two different roasts tomorrow (4th June 2018) to decide which gives us the best cup of coffee.

Uganda is not the first country that springs to mind when thinking of high quality Arabica coffee as it has traditionally been known as a producer of Robusta. However, much of the environment is ideal to produce high quality beans. One such area is the White Nile sub region, high in the north west of the country, bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Here, in 1998, Kawacom initiated their White Nile Organic Coffee project to make the most of this potential. Kawacom promoted the cultivation of Arabica coffee, trained and educated farmers and built modern washing stations. In addition, the project received its Organic certificate in 2003. The project reaches 8,000 small holder farmers, many of whom now receive much higher prices for their superior quality coffee but also benefit from the social and environmental programs introduced by Kawacom.

The White Nile project gets its name from the famous Murchison Falls which is just a few miles away. Here, the River Nile squeezes through a narrow gap of volcanic rock just 7 metres wide producing a white foam as it thunders through; turning into a ‘White Nile’ as it pours into Lake Albert.

These SL14 and Catimor beans are grown between 1,450 and 1,800 metres above sea level by various small holder farmers. They are fully washed and sun dried (finished by mechanical driers).

We hope you enjoy our latest offering from the White Nile Organic Coffee Project.


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