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Cooperativa San Carlos

San Carlos Dos is part of the Blue Harvest Program (started 2016) run by Catholic Relief Services which looks at helping to address water tables and areas highlighted for water shortages in Central America. They were chosen due to the Morazán department being highlighted as a potential area for famine due to the lack of water available and poor soil health. This program was initiated during a time when production was dropping and leaf rust ‘la roya’ causing devastation to the coffee lands in EL Salvador.
On the land the members of the cooperative have started to implement good soil and water management practices; minimising the use of agrochemicals, promoting organic fertilisers and implanting better practises for land management. The cooperative maintain 338 infiltration wells that help to provide drainage for rainfall. The Cocahuatique mountain provides the water source for the town of Osicala and these changes are helping improve the water supply to the community and families. As well as the water supply these changes have also seen an increase the in the average yield on the land per manzana taking it above the average for El Salvador. This year due to the increase in the water table from the land management practises they are now able to supply water to the local town of Osicala. In the future there will be a pipeline built from the farm to the town so water is available every day when turning on the tap for the people there.

San Carlos Dos

El Salvador

Cooperativa San Carlos

Cinnamon | Blood Orange | Blackcurrant | Sweet


Roasters Notes: A really flavoursome coffee which roasts slightly darker than many of our other coffees. We get notes of stewed apple, orange and nutmeg with a brown sugar body and a lasting sweet cocoa and juniper finish.


Cooperativa San Carlos


Red Bourbon


1,100 to 1,665 MASL


Macerated Natural

Roast Level

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