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Big Sky Blend Espresso Coffee Beans


  • 50% Bela Época Organic, BRAZIL
  • 50% San José (Apaneca), EL SALVADOR
  • Beans: Yellow Obata | Pacas | Sarchimor
  • Process: BRAZIL – Natural & EL SALVADOR- Fully Washed
  • Altitude: BRAZIL – 900 metres & EL SALVADOR – 1250 metres

Big Sky Blend is our brand new espresso blend.


We recommend an 18g dose with an extraction of 28-30 seconds.


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Big Sky Blend Espresso Coffee Beans

Our brand new espresso blend Big Sky Blend espresso coffee beans are now available. Our latest blend currently consists of 50% Bela Época, Brazil and 50% San Jose, El Salvador.

The beans from Fazenda Bela Época in Brazil are organic.The farm is owned by Luis da Cunha. Conservation is a hugely important activity on the farm. 20% of the total farm coverage is under forest preserve. All springs are protected, and the family has actively sought the restoration of preservation areas and the construction of ecological corridors between conservation zones. As with all organic farming, agricultural practices require precision agriculture and the application of fertilisers according to soil analysis. This reduces costs with regards to inputs and operations and concomitantly balances the farm’s soil in addition to causing a lower environmental impact. 20 people year-round are hired to accomplish the work of renovation and organic application of fertilisers and pest controls.


Rolando Ramirez Moreno is the owner of Finca San Jose. He manages the farm is managed with precision and care. Integral management is carried out throughout the year with a group of 10 permanent staff and 95 temporary staff. Rolando, of course, oversees all the work. Four annual fertilisations are conducted, always with reference to soil and foliar analysis, always taking care not to over-fertilise and to prevent groundwater contamination.

Environmental stewardship is of the utmost importance to the farm. Coffee at San Jose (as at all Cayro’s farms) is 100% shade grown to preserve wildlife and to help mitigate the effects of global warming. The farm has also recentlylaunched an extensive program of ‘micro-terracing’ in order to prevent soil erosion – a very important step in this steep countryside. Water conservation is also of great concern, and the farm takes steps to preserve local aquifers.

We find Big Sky Blend is delicious as an espresso, long black or flat white, but equally as good with a more milky drink such as a cappuccino or latte. 

We recommend an 18-19g dose with an extraction of 27 – 30 seconds.

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1kg, 250g

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Ground for espresso/stovetop, Ground for filter, Whole Beans


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