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North Norfolk Coffee Roasters

Hello! I’m Steve, founder of Norfolk Coffee Company, artisan coffee roasters located in North Norfolk. We are based in the small but bustling town of Holt, just a couple of miles inland from the beautiful North Norfolk coast.

My personal love affair with coffee began many years ago, during a year living and working in southern Germany. The particular coffee house I took a shine to was the haunt of young bohemian Germans, US soldiers and a large number of British expats. A strange but friendly and comradely clientele drawn by the delicious coffee and German cakes on offer. My affair has survived and thrived ever since, despite the best efforts of numerous hotels, restaurants and cafe’s to tempt me to walk away in despair at the often boiling, tasteless, bitter brown, black or white liquid often placed in front of me. Coffee made from beans burnt to a cinder!

For years it seemed that the only way to get a decent cup of coffee was to make it at home. This goes some way to explaining the wide variety of coffee making devices stored away in my kitchen cupboards. Times have changed for the better thankfully and now there are lots of great independent coffee shops around.

The aim of our small team in our micro roastery is to provide a selection of single origin beans perfect for filter coffee as well as a minimum two espresso blends. We will also try to have at least one single origin espresso bean on the go throughout the year. For wholesale customers we produce a blend to suit your taste and requirements. Our emphasis is always on quality. We want the beans that come from our roaster to make coffee that is memorable. The feedback we get from you, the customer is important.

Norfolk Coffee Company are the sole Norfolk distributor for Victoria Arduino and Nueva Simonelli who produce some of the best, most innovative and most reliable espresso machines and grinders available.

Please feel free to call us at any time for more information or if you would like to discuss any matter coffee related.

Steve Perrett