Our latest 1549 Blend is now available. The new blend consists of 50% Rio Verde, Brazil, 25% Santa Barbara Estate, Colombia and 25% 'Don Alfonso' Caturra Peaberry, Costa Rica. We are getting notes of milk chocolate and toffee followed by strawberry and raisin in the cup.  1549 Blend is so called after the year in which the 'common people' of Norfolk rebelled against the wealthy landowners. They were led by Robert Kett. This is

With so much coffee to choose from these days it can be a little confusing if you are not sure what to look for on the bags and labels. We have put together a short guide to help you choose the best coffee for your money. If you can afford it, purchase a grinder. In our opinion a grinder is the single most important item when making coffee. Even a cheap grinder will

The historic origin of coffee is relatively recent compared to other widely consumed beverages such as tea and beer. Common consensus and folklore have it that coffee originated in the highlands of Ethiopia anywhere between 800AD and 1000AD. The legendary tale of the discovery of coffee is that a young Ethiopian goatherd by the name of Kaldi noticed how frisky and animated his goats became after eating the red berries from a particular

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